It’s a C Thing

Before my son was born, I was odd man out.  Our daughter was/is her dad from head to toe.  Looks, likes, and personality.  For example, the picture below was taken this morning of her.  It could have easily been of hubby.  They are both not morning people.  They wait till the last moment to get out of bed in order to make it to work/school on time.  Even then, you leave them alone, unless you want “the look”.  I, on the other hand, am up very early and wide awake the minute my feet hit the floor.  Drives them crazy.

But, when our son came along he looked and acted more like me.  Today though was the ultimate confirmation.  Our son woke up (early and chipper) and insisted on peas for breakfast!  Not oatmeal, not pancakes, not cereal….but peas!

It’s a C thing 🙂

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