The Important Things

Here are the important things that have happened over the past several days.

1. Promotion Sunday at church.  My mom, Hubby’s mom, and Hubby’s aunt and uncle were there to support our eldest as she received her first bible.  I, also, got to meet my 5th and 6th grade Sunday school class.  I am so excited to teach and learn with this great group of kids this year!  I resisted the urge to snap away during service on Sunday.  Thought it would be a little rude and just a tad tacky to have flashing camera lights as our daughter received her bible.   Probably would have embarrassed her to death too and I would have gotten the “Mooooom”  look.

2. Sunday family lunch.  Stuffed and so much fun!

3. Tuesday night dinner with my great aunts and great uncles.  Loads of lasagna, good discussions, and laughter.  Just what I needed before a day at “The Cancer Center”.   While I was gone for the night, very thankful that my family made it home safely after spending 3 hours at the mall with a flat tire.  New tire, pair of tennis shoes, and a new stroller later…

4. Dance Dance Dance….fun times at the dance studio last night.  I thought something was going to come out of socket!  Our daughter will be joining the zumba/hip hop competition team in addition to her “Jazz funk” class and she is really thrilled.


ouch ouch!

5.  First week testing…drum roll please…all As!!  3rd grade might wear me out, but Taylor is doing so great.

Proud and blessed!

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