Addition to Cancer and Life Plan

So, the nurse called today that’s on my “cancer team”.  She told me my labs look good, but my vitamin D was the lowest they had ever seen :/  Therefore, I am having to go on prescription Vitamin D before surgery (and for life).

Calcium/Vitamin D notes (in non-medical lingo and as I understand it)

Behind your thyroid there are tiny glands called parathyroid glands.  These little glands regulate the calcium in your body.  Calcium = very important.  Heart, nerves, muscles, bones…  Well, the body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium.  After surgery, the parathyroid glands (glands that regulate calcium) may not be functioning up to optimal level.  They just did get moved around and messed with (hopefully not cut).

So, in order for my body to function properly (heart, nerves, etc) I’ll need to take calcium supplements for a short time while the parathyroid glands are healing.  But, now that we have discovered I have extremely low Vitamin D (helps body absorb calcium), I’ll have to take prescription Vitamin D as well to help prevent cardiac and nervous system complications after surgery.

I’ll continue on Vitamin D supplements for the rest of my life to help prevent osteoporosis and other things that could happen with low Vitamin D.

Just another wrinkle to smooth out 🙂

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