Howard the Duck

Events of Labor Day 2011

My daughter and I decided to go shopping this morning (yes crazy I know), but we had a really good time.  We pulled up to our first stop and was greeted by hubby’s mom (not planned).  Our daughter for the rest of the day was a little bubbling ray of joy.  She loves her grandma and it was a pleasant surprise to see her on our shopping adventure.  After a couple more shops and a couple hours later, we all three went for some greasy cheeseburgers and french fries (with vinegar of course).

Once we got home, we found the boys taking an afternoon nap.  They didn’t grace us with their presence until a little past 4:00 pm.  Neither hubby nor I was in the mood to cook dinner tonight.  We felt like being lazy and watching a movie with the kids.  So, I went and got Chinese and we all piled around the TV in the Florida room.  Our son was especially keen on his rice.  After 4 nights of sweet potato french fries, I figured he was ready for some variety.

Our evening ended with a night at the movies (at home) chuckling at Howard the Duck.  Us girls have decided we are going to bring the “crinkled” hair back. Ha..wonder where we could find one of those irons!

Good day with the fam!

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