Go Baby!

So, I splurged today.  Most of ya’ll know I am a tad bit OCD when it comes to certain things.  I really love fabric and making quilts, but unfortunately, I get frustrated and very discouraged because I can not cut a straight line with a rotary cutter to save my life.  I try, but things just come out wonky.  Then when I go to construct the quilt, everything does not line up perfectly as it should, as much as I try.

Also, with my last quilt, cutting was just a little uncomfortable.  Not sure if it was how I was holding my neck and applying pressure to cut the fabric or what, but my incision area would become sore.  Well, we just can’t have that because I am going to quilt.  So, I purchased a nifty little helper…Accurquilt Go Baby.  It uses a die cut system to cut the fabric and boy I think it’s going to be addicting.  My family better hide anything that is fabric that they don’t want cut.

It’s the little things in life!

Perfect squares!!

P.S. Grandma please don’t be mad.

3 thoughts on “Go Baby!

  1. I am Kerri’s mother-in-law and enjoyed seeing this beautiful quilt up close. Your work is amazing but your thoughtfulness is even more amazing. Kerri told me you are battling your own cancer and I know God is with you. You two are so strong and caring that you are an amazing example to others. Thank you for your “labor of love”.
    Sarah and Bob Haarlow

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