Cancer Confirmation

I received an e-mail from my surgeon last night.  She had her pathology lab review my pathology slides from the first pathology group (trying to figure out how to say pathology just one more time in this sentence..ha!).  She did not want to go cutting and radiating without her team telling her it was cancer.  I completely understood and so we waited.

So, she e-mailed me last night to tell me that they confirmed the same diagnosis, follicular variant of papillary carcinoma.   I need to start buying lottery tickets.  The chance of having thyroid cancer was about 5% and then to have the variant I have was only 7% of that 5%.  But it is what it is and now we move on with the cancer plan.

But first comes first, need to start Halloween costume shopping a little early!

1 thought on “Cancer Confirmation

  1. Oh, bummer. I know you had that sliver of hope that Pee Dee Pathology could have made a mistake. I’m so sorry about that. We should definitely go out to eat one night soon and buy lottery tickets together. Odds are pretty good that one of us would win big. 😉 Thinking of you often friend! Hang in there. Love, Kerri

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