A Fair Weekend

On Friday, after lunch, I hopped into my mother’s Volkswagen Bug (her and I switched cars until my treatment is over, better on gas than my 1999 Land Rover, thanks guys) and drove to pick up my sister.  We were headed up to see my grandmother who is in the hospital.  Of course, M had to finish her laundry before we scooted (love ya).

Once we arrived, we meet our parents at the hospital and visited a bit with grandma.   She was doing better, but getting tired, therefore, we did not hang out too long Friday night.

By this point we were all starving, so we headed over to the Mexican restaurant for a bite to eat.  My mother was the only one that was good.  She ordered a taco salad, while the rest of us had greasy chimichangas and guacamole.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast and then went to check on the chickens before heading over to the hospital.

While at the chicken houses, dad took me back to the “storage” area to look at my grandma’s quilting frame.   The frame was handmade and still in good condition.  Dad was trying so hard to explain to me how they work, but I believe hubby will have to be given these instructions, as I was totally lost. I am sure it is very simple and I will get it, but there is no “help” button in the right-hand corner, so I will have to be shown a couple times.

Grandma was much better on Saturday.  She was in good spirits and loved her fish and green beans that she had for lunch.  P.S. grandma hates fish, we just kinda forgot to tell her it was fish. oops. But, she loved it.  We visited with her for a good while and was poured with compliments.  Our jewelry, shoes, and pocketbooks were thoroughly examined and adored.  Being sick did not hinder her love for accessories.

Stopped by the little church beside the hospital on the way out.

When we got back to the house, I quilted some, M watched a little football, dad cut the grass with the “big boy”, and mom read.  We kinda just relaxed for a couple hours before we headed to the mountain state fair.

Dad and the “Big Boy”

Mountain state fair – animals, crafts, loads of polish dogs, and funnel cakes – Check

Night would not have been complete with out funnel cakes (yeah, we each had to have our very own!)

Today, we got up, packed, watch a little sex in the city, and then went up to visit grandpa.  He had just finished his breakfast and was reading his paper when we arrived.  We had a good visit with him.  Lots of tears, laughing, hugs, and kisses!

Before we got on the road, we ate a grand lunch.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, slaw, deviled eggs, pasta salad, baked beans, and brownies.  This was not a weekend for watching the waste-line let me tell you. Some of the family was able to come and I was really thrilled to see them.  I am not sure if I will be able to participate with holiday festivities (depends on how I feel), so it was nice to see everyone before the surgery and radiation.

The sweetest guest at lunch (my cousin’s son) — he wasn’t too sure about the carrots, but loved the chips!

Had a good time with family and thankful grandma is doing better.  She even asked mom today if she was going to get to go to the fair this week.  I hope she gets to go and fully accessorized of course.

2 thoughts on “A Fair Weekend

  1. It was WONDERFUL to have some time with you and Megan. I love you both and carry so many memories of our days together when you were little.

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