Yes, so I’m one of those…

A coupon clipper.  Before you even say it, I use to say that couponing is a scam and that you only can get good deals on junk or stuff you really don’t need.  So, I tip-toed into the world of couponing with a lot of skepticism, but within a very short time I was saving my family $200 – $300 dollars a month on our grocery bill.  I could do better, but I don’t buy just to buy.  We buy things we need or someone else can use.

Seriously, who needs 1000 toothbrushes, unless you are going to donate most of them.  For example, I did buy a crazy amount of pasta several months back.  They had free (with coupon) box elbow noodles at Bi-lo.  So, I went and bought 150 boxes and gave most of it to the local soup kitchen, kept some for us, and gave the rest to family members.

I encourage you, if you haven’t looked into couponing or if you are already a coupon clipper, give it some thought…this is a great way to help the local community.  It really doesn’t take that much time and just a few extra items a week can make a huge difference.

A couple of good websites that are local: and These two ladies really know there stuff.

I am in the process of organizing my coupon insert stash.  It really piles up quickly and can be cluttered. I hope that with more organization I can help my family save even more on our monthly grocery expenses and also do more couponing for charity!

The unorganized coupon insert stash (more behind the camera).  Hubby will be happy when this is organized and not sprawled out all over the dining room!

Well, it’s Tuesday night…time to look at the deals for tomorrow.

1 thought on “Yes, so I’m one of those…

  1. I was a Couponer back in the early ’70s…before it became the “In Thing” to do. I always considered my coupon savings as my Mad Money.

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