The Past Few Days…

It’s been a couple days since I have posted.  It’s been crazy fun busy around here!

The weekend was chalked full of heart expos, shopping, eating, church, cleaning, doctor’s appointments, children’s choir, and did I mention cleaning??


Saturday, I attended a heart health expo with my sister in-law, Jenny.  Our main objective was to see and meet “Dr. Ann”.  Dr. Ann, if you are unfamiliar with her, is a health/diet guru.  I was first introduced to her by gynecologist.  He is so trying to help me get off all this weight and he says she is the ticket.  My mom has been very faithful to the diet and has already lost close to 30 lbs!  It’s an extremely hard lifestyle change (I’ll not repeat what my husband says about the diet would need to be censored), but one I need to really do.  Got to find that motivation.   Huffing and puffing during the 20 minute heart expo fitness workout with trainer was a sure sign that I need to get myself in gear.  At least Jenny and I did not fall out like flies, we hung in there till the very end!  I’m thinking it is about time to brush off the dust covering Dr. Ann’s book.

Dr. Ann talking to one of the participants.  Wish I had her energy.  I thought she was going to bounce off the stage!

After the expo, Jenny and I hit up a thrift store and then met my brother for lunch.  Afterwards, I headed home.  As I pulled into the driveway, I was greeted by my family and was told we were going shopping.  Grocery, pet store, fabric store, and fleece jacket shopping for the kids.  We then went over to hubby’s grandmother’s to drop off some cokes and took her out to dinner. Fried shrimp!! I think I should have paid a little more attention at the heart expo.  Overall Saturday was a very busy day but tons of fun.

I was trying so hard to get a picture of the kids in their new lightweight fleece coats, but our son, LOL, he was not in the mood for “cheese”.


Sunday was equally as busy, but not so much travel.  Helped with my Sunday school 5th and 6th grade class and then came home and cleaned pretty much the entire day.  You see, I’ve been lazy the past couple months.  Combination of not feeling too good and just being a bit down.  Well, our son has had 3 sinus infections in the past 2 months and the doctor kindly told me to break out my Dyson and dusting cloths.  So, that’s what I did on Sunday..attacked the dust bunnies.  I have a couple more rooms to go.  No more lazy dusting, I don’t want him to be sick because of me.


Monday was my trip to the cancer center to have my throat scoped (or “scooped” as our daughter puts it..she assumed I was going to have an ice cream scooper put down my throat ha).  I thought I was all prepared for this procedure as I thought it was the same as what I had done after my surgical biopsy.  Oh how I was wrong.  I walk in and the kind doctor chuckled a bit when I told her I was a little bit congestion and that I hoped it wasn’t going to mess up the scope.  See, I thought she was going through my nose and down my throat.

She went into another room and came back with a big box.  A big box that contained the instrument that was going to scope my throat.  She took the instrument out and it, I have to admit, was pretty intimidating looking.  Probably little over a foot long, metal rod with a camera at the end.  She was nice enough to dip it in warm water so it wouldn’t be cold.  So, with her holding my tongue out with a piece of gauze, she puts the metal rod into my mouth and to the back of my throat.  I swear it seemed like 15 minutes of saying EEEEE, HEEEEE, HE HE HE HE HE.  I was trying really hard to follow directions, not laugh out loud, and not gag at the same time.  I made it through and the test was successful.

Unfortunately, the results were abnormal.  I did have some nerve damage from my first surgery.  The right side is a little weak.  Worse case scenario is I might have to have a feeding tube through my nose temporarily after surgery, if the nerve is “upset”.  This would just be temporary.  However, I was told that if there is more permanent damage to the nerve, I might have to turn my head to the right and down to my shoulder to swallow my food lifelong.  That could be an interesting party trick, no?  We will cross that bridge if it comes.  Right now, I am swallowing just fine and can not tell I have damage from the first surgery.  So praying all will remain the same!

Home away from home for the next several months.  At least they have a massage therapist inside.  Can’t ask for more than that!!

Once my procedure was over, I made a U-turn back home.  I wanted to be back in time to get our daughter from school for her hip hop/zumba dance class. I didn’t want hubby to have to get off from work.  I Made it.  While, she was at dance I went and got my hair chopped.  As, my eldest so compassionately said “buzzed”.  My hair is starting to fall out a bit, so I thought cutting it short would help me not notice it as much.  That’s probably mental, but hey if it works!

This Morning

Silliness this morning before school.  Our son wanted to rock in the rocking chair in our bedroom and then play with his sister’s dollhouse.  He seems to be feeling better today!! His sister, of course, was right there to supervise the dollhouse play.  She did not want anything broken.

Life is normal and life is good

1 thought on “The Past Few Days…

  1. So glad things are “normal” for you. I’m currently having a day on my couch. Chemo-fabulous hangover, I’m calling it. Too many normal and busy days in a row have kicked my hiney.
    I laughed out loud as I read your possibly “having to turn head to right and down to swallow food” description. I was trying it as I read and completely choked. No so pretty party trick for me. I wanna see you do it. 😉 So happy you are smiling and laughing in cancer’s face. Can’t wait to see your new do!

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