Evenings without Mom (Update Morning After)

I thought I had escaped the kids stomach bug, but I was wrong.  I became ill early Wednesday morning and still not feeling very well.  So, before my family arrived home this evening, I sprayed Lysol on the items I had touched throughout the day and now hiding out in the bedroom for the second night.  My lovely view for the past two nights.

I really don’t want to reinfect my kids (wasn’t pretty) nor give hubby the bug, so being extra careful.  Hubby was cute this morning, asked me if I needed the Ipad today and if not would I mind disinfecting it before he took it with him. 

As I am writing this blog post, my phone has alerted me that I have a text message.  I open the text and it’s a picture (below) from hubby letting me know that youngest has finally eaten.  He has been picky this week, I thought it was because of the stomach bug, but I think he just didn’t like the food I was fixing. 

He is slightly allergic to milk and eggs (gives him a little tummy issues if eaten every day), so we have eliminated those from his diet.  But while mom is behind closed doors in the bedroom the boys will eat good stuff.  Take note that there is mash potatoes, mac and cheese, and french fries on the dinner plate tonight.  I do see a towel on the floor, so they are at least being mindful of messes! 

I was just informed that youngest was very polite and brought his plate to his dad and asked for more….with a please on top.   I do not want to know what they will get into while I am gone two weeks for the first part of treatment. 

I was going to talk about my count down to cancer treatment tonight, but yummy meals of a 2 year old is way more warm and cozy.  We’ll chat about cancer later, not tonight.  Waiting now for a picture of ice cream to hit my phone inbox.

Update: 7:15 am the morning after.  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and everything has to be washed.  I hope the boys had a good dinner! Hubby did ask our youngest if his dinner was good…his response “YES YES”.

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