To Do List

I took my second to last Vitamin D pill yesterday, which reminded me that I only have 9 days until I leave home to start my treatment.  I will be gone at least two weeks during this first stage.  Time is flying and I have so much to do next week.  Nerves are starting to kick in and my brain is forgetting more and more lately.  I’m blaming it on the medicine *wink*. 

When I mentioned my medicine induced forgetfulness to a dear friend of mine, she suggested a family organization application made for cell phone users.  Okay, can I just say I love this application.  The program sends you e-mails and text messages to remind you of your upcoming calendar events.  I don’t know about you, but our phones are like an extra appendage, so this is ridiculously convenient.   I have spent the past several days plugging in the kids activities, school functions, doctors appt, holiday parties, birthday parties, church happenings, and etc.  The nifty thing is, I can add my hubby’s cell phone to the same account (by the way this app is free) and he will get the exact same reminders I do without having to do any of the work.  This is going to save so much time on typing out schedules for the next several weeks. 

With that said, there is still a lot I have to get done over the next 9 days.  Because I am having such a hard time remembering anything lately without it being written down, I am going to outline my to-do list below.  I am sure this list will grow over the next few days, but here is the preliminary. 

  1. (Done) Cook and freeze 60 servings of organic low iodine soup.  Dad is making another 20 servings to help me out!  Before you gasp this is lunch and dinner for almost 6 weeks.  Breakfast will be organic steel cut oats with fruit.   I was told to prepare all my meals ahead of time and freeze because I probably will not feel like doing anything but microwaving. The LID diet I have to go on before RAI is pretty much organic whole foods from scratch cooking.  I even had to get organic thyme at the grocery tonight because the nonorganic had salt in it.  I always assumed dried herbs were just that dried herbs without additives.  Lesson learned.
  2. (Done) Help out with 5th and 6th grade Sunday school class.  Missed last Sunday because of the stomach bug traveling through my family, so I am excited to help this weekend.
  3. Transport daughter to and from (Done) choir and (Done) dances classes.
  4. (Done) Monday, I have to go get a copy of the youngest’s birth certificate.  Another thing I forgot to do, now I have one day to do it.
  5. Help study for 3rd grade tests and make sure homework is done.
  6. Clean the house from top to bottom.  I know, it might be OCD of me, but I really want to leave the house in squeaky clean shape for hubby and the kids so they don’t have do any extensive cleaning while I am gone, just the normal routine stuff.  I know they can take care of themselves; it’s just a mom thing I guess.
  7. Fire up the laptop and make sure everything I need for work is loaded on it.  Would be bad news if I got down there and I could not work.  Boss would not be very happy! Oh reminds me, I need to get some spare batteries for my mouse.
  8. Pack up sewing machine and zig zag quilting supplies.  Will need something to do other than work and TV.  I’ll not be able to drive.  Besides, pretty fabric cheers me up.
  9. Pack for my trip.  I am going to pack for 3 weeks just to be safe.  I know I said just 2 weeks for this first round, but there is chance that on October 25th my hormone levels could be where they need to be for radiation.  Nurse navigator said she has seen it happen before, wouldn’t that be a blessing!  If my levels are not where they need to be on the 25th, I’ll come home and do blood work here until they get there, then I’ll travel back to swallow the huge amount of radioactive iodine and bunk out at my parents beach house for another week.
  10. Got to take care of a little IRS business.  Love them, ha!
  11. Weekly grocery shopping.  Oh how I will miss couponing while I am gone.  It’s addicting y’all.
  12. Oh yeah, I have to work full-time this week too and make sure my docket is all clear for the 10th through 14th

That’s all I can think of for the moment.  I am sure I am forgetting something.  It’s the medicine, I promise.

1 thought on “To Do List

  1. OK, Carrie…I am now officially exhausted from reading this post, and think I will go back to bed.

    Seriously, is there any thing I can do to take some of the burdent off of you? Remember…I am retired!

    I love you.

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