A week later…

Well, it’s been a week since my surgery. A surgery I didn’t know was actually going to happen up till 9pm the night before. My surgeon (very preggo surgeon) was going to her doctor that afternoon and there was a strong chance she was going to have to be put on bed rest that day. Everything worked out though and her baby is doing great. My own personal little angel watching out for me during surgery. How blessed am I? He has a Christmas due date…stay put little man stay put.

I am healing as I should be. My second surgery wasn’t as painful and as ugly looking as the first. Thank goodness. No drain and feeding tubes were needed, which is a blessing in itself. I was really nervous about more nerve damage. I do have parathyroid gland damage and having to take meds to keep my nervous system functioning, but the doctors are hoping that these little guys will come back from vacation in the next few months. If not, we deal with it, live with it, and move on. I started my low iodine diet this week to prepare for radiation (zucs and tomatoes anyone?). When radiation will be is uncertain. I am at the mercy of my TSH hormones. Blood work on Tuesday to find out where I am, we want to be above 30.

I am still at my parent’s vacation home and missing my family dearly. Hubby is a rock star though. He and the kids are doing great. I’m thinking they are not missing me very much. He is doing a fall clean out of the house and holding down the fort better than I could. Dance classes, homework (A test scores), lunches, dinners, church choir, brownies, bedtime, sniffles, and even a wardrobe debate with our 8 year old daughter over black boots. I do get to talk to my eldest each night, which is the highlight of my day. My son, he just can’t get the whole put the phone to your ear and talk thing yet, but I can hear him in the background and it melts my heart.

I’ll be home as soon as I can and can’t wait for those bear hugs and kisses.

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