Waiting game…

Today, I had my first endo appointment since surgery. All is going well and they said I am a little ahead of schedule, so I could have my radioactive iodine dose as early as next week. I come off all thyroid meds tomorrow to speed up preparation for radiation. TSH has to get to 30. Praying my body gets there quickly so I don’t stay in what thyroid cancer patients call “hypo hell” for very long. So, we wait…

The biopsy of the right side of my thyroid showed no cancer, which is a blessing. The chances of spread have drastically decreased. I was hoping this meant I wouldn’t have a big dose of radiation, but not the case. I’ll be having a “medium” dose. Due to tissue being left behind during the last surgery to hopefully save my parathyroid glands (so far still not functioning) and the type of thyroid cancer I have, they are going to try to kill everything this round.  Hopefully, this will be it.

I’ll have a whole body scan after radiation to confirm lack of spreading to lymph nodes or other areas. If there is spread, we will do the radiation and/or surgery again, but it will be 6 months down the road. If the cancer has not spread, I’ll have an ultrasound in 6 months and every 6 months after that. They will also monitor my TG hormone levels. This will be a cancer marker for me. We want it zero!

Hubby and the kids are doing awesome. I love my pictures of the kids everyday and my chats with my daughter. My house is getting lots of work done to it while I’m gone. Where hubby finds the time, I have no clue. I am going to have some big shoes to fill when I get home.

All closets are organized, fridge is cleaned out, molding between doors installed, new fan installed, crib converted to toddler bed (good luck with that transition hubby). All this on top of his full-time job, dance classes, homework, cooking, cleaning, errands, bedtime, morning routines..just to name a few.

 Hubby and youngest organizing my closets…brave men!

Hubby converted the crib to a toddler bed.


He even got both of them at the table for dinner without fuss.  He said it was their idea!

I think I did mention he was a rockstar right?

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