A little Fresh Air

I decided today I was going to get off the couch and get some fresh air and exercise.  Hubby came down to bring me some things that I needed before radiation and also for a quick visit on Saturday  I was surprised how much better I felt that evening and even though seeing him most definitely helped, I think getting out and up boosted my energy and helped with the hypo hell symptoms.  I did not want to just walk around the paved circle.  So, I went on a nature trail adventure. 

If I had the energy, I would have hijacked a kayak and went out on the marsh.  Perfect day for it.  Half kidding, I wouldn’t go alone. Gators lots of Gators.

The wishing wreath tree. You tie on a ribbon and make a wish.

Blue Bottle Tree

The brightest yellow mushrooms I have ever seen.

Some how I got off the trail and was on the road, but I quickly found my way back.

Bike Art

The bike art was at the end of the nature trail, which took me about 35 minutes to walk. Not too bad.  I headed back to the house to fix some lunch.

Some lettuce veggie tacos and some homemade whole wheat pumpkin bread.

Well, I hope my little experiment worked and I will not be as sick tonight.  We shall see, either way a little excercise will not hurt me.

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