I-131 Do’s and Do Not’s

Just got off the phone with the nuclear department and I have a laundry list of do’s and don’ts.  Going to make a checklist so I’ll not forget any points. He repeated each several times.  After I hung up the phone, I thought to myself oh my goodness what in the world am I going to be digesting.  Not going to think about it, I have no control of that part only what I can do to keep me and everyone else safe. 

The List:

1. No eating or drinking in the morning. Once I take the pill, don’t mess around get back to the house.  There is about a 3 hour window before I really start emitting the radiation. 

2. Trash bags need to be placed on all sleeping pillows under the pillowcases and changed daily.

3. Plastic barrier needs to be placed under the fitted sheet and changed daily.

4. Wash all bedding daily in hot water with an extra rinse cycle.

5. Remote control needs to be put in a ziplock bag and changed daily.

6. Flush twice with the lid down.

7. For the first 5 days wrap toothbrush in paper towel and throw away.  New tooth-brush each day for the first 5 days.  Place toothbrush in a cup on the counter so not to have surface contact.

8.  Showers only and preferably at least twice a day.  No tub baths.

9.  Always wear socks and change several times during the day and immediately put in washer.

10. Vinyl gloves to be worn at all time, to be changed after the restroom, eating, sneezing, accidentally putting my hands near my mouth.

11. Frequent wipe down of electronics.

12. No Clorox products – if any radioactive iodine is on the surface could cause a volatile reaction.

13. Use paper towels or Lysol wipes to clean surfaces and immediately put in the trash.

14. Drink as much water has I can and suck on lemon drops for the first 5 days.

15. Anywhere I sit needs to have a blanket or sheet under it and washed daily for the first 5 days.

16. Can go outside but if I see anyone keep at least a 6 foot distance, don’t stop and talk.

17. If I throw up try to make it to the bathroom or a bucket…either way call nuclear department so they can determine if they need to come to clean the house.

18. Wash the dishes and then wash them again in the dishwasher.  Then again in the dishwasher.

19. Rinse mouth frequently throughout the day for the first 5 days.

20.  After first 5 days wipe down all hard surfaces and bathrooms, no Clorox.

21. Safe to go home on day 10 and interact pretty much as normal.  No long hugs on the neck, flush twice, wash hands a lot, no kissing.

Kinda wish they would have called before the night before, need to get some stuff together.  Wouldn’t it be easier just to put people in those suits or something??  LOL

4 thoughts on “I-131 Do’s and Do Not’s

  1. Wow. Good thing you “wrote” this down, so you’ll remember. Not sure I’ll even remember half of it. Yesterday was a doozy of a day for me as well, so I’m so sorry I didn’t check in on you. YAY, for numbers, BOO for what’s ahead. BUT, silver lining-November 14, in time for Thanksgiving!!! Think of you so very often, friend! Love, Kerri

  2. Ugh, I am so sorry you had a “day” too. It wasn’t fun spinning out of control. Today has so far been better (so far). I would have loved to see our exchange on facebook chat if we had talked yesterday. Ha! We definitely wouldn’t have wanted to go back and read it (or maybe to get a good laugh). Hope today is going better for you! Enjoyed watching the snuggle reading video yesterday…the excitement of the water balloon with holes was too cute for words. Thinking of you too…hugs from way down here.

  3. Oh my Gosh. I would totally forget something.

    Also, I feel a bit like you’re Boo and you’re living in Monsters, Inc. But that might be because that’s J’s current favorite movie.

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