Like The Weather

Observed Friday: Windy with a high of 69 and low of 47

Woke up Friday morning at 4:00 am to wind chimes screaming and the wind gusting.  I went outside to take down the flag and it almost flew away onto the roof, but I managed to hold on and bring it inside.  

Left the house at 8:15 am to head to the hospital and the wind had kicked up even more. We made it there safely, but we had a little difficulty finding the nuclear department.  After 20 minutes of driving around, mom finally threw me out at some random entrance of the hospital.  2 minutes till my date with a radioactive pill.  Thankfully, with the help of some kind people I made it inside and to my appt on time.

After receiving the safety and after-care instructions from the nuclear safety guy and signing paperwork stating I would follow the instructions and therefore could be released from the hospital after taking the I-131, a big lead box was wheeled (yes wheeled) in and opened carefully.  I was handed (in a paper cup – while they wore gloves) 2 white and blue pills and was told to swallow and drink a large glass of water.  It was as painless as taking a Tylenol. 

It was pretty funny how everyone in the room took about 6 steps back from me.  After a couple of minutes, the nuclear safety guy used his Geiger counter (I guess that’s what you call it) to measure my emission levels and also make sure the pills had reached sternum level.  Then I was free to go.

We made a stop in the hallway to get my box of 100 count gloves and chit chatted with the nuclear safety guy for a few minutes.  Then, a really loud beeping sound started going off and a guy came out of another room looking really concerned.  “Please tell me someone just took a pill out here, if so could you please move to the other end of the hall, I’m trying to make sure this room is clean.”  Let me tell you, it was funny, but creeped me out all at the same time.  So, we exited the building and made our way to the car…made it back to the house safely.  At this point I was still feeling fine from the pill (still had the growing hypo symptoms). 

It hit me about 6pm.  I started to dry up, literally.  Mouth, nose, eyes, skin, and hair.  Then my teeth started to hurt, really hurt.  Who knows, that wasn’t a symptom they told me about.  By 9:30 I was asleep (after my second shower and many trips to the restroom).  They told me that the radioactive iodine would be 90% eliminated out of my body (except where thyroid cells were) within the first 24 hours, so I chugged water like mad.

Slept off and on that night, I was paranoid of drinking throughout the night.  I had just set off machines just that morning, so I knew this stuff was strong and I wanted it out as quickly as possible.

Observed Saturday: Windy with a high 61 and low of 47

Woke up Saturday morning to cold and still windy weather.  Stayed this way pretty much the whole day.

I hung out on the couch (covered with sheets of course and with my gloves on) most of the day watching TV.  On top of hypo, completely dried out, teeth hurting, I was now aching all over and my head was pounding.  Little bits of nausea throughout the day but not too bad.  Took my 3 showers, washed my sheets, pillowcases, and clothes from the day before.  

The safety nuclear guy said it was okay for my mom to stay with me at the vacation home, just to stay a good distance away, use a different restroom, sleep in a different bed, and not eat food I prepare.  They were worried about contamination more with her than emissions.  Being around children that’s a different story.  10 days away completely. 

Went to bed about 10, but was still really restless.  Woke up about every 30 minutes. I bet mom was wishing she had stayed across the street at my aunt and uncles.  I was freezing (from the I-131) and roasting her with the temp in the house.

Observed Today: Light wind 3mph with a High 68 and a low of 49

This morning it was still cold, but the wind was calming down.

This morning for me was much like yesterday, but I got to take one of my temporary thyroid hormone pills (only can take the cytomel for 10 days) at lunch.  Still had a massive headache and felt like I had the flu so I took a nap before my mom left.  Watched more TV and just veggied for the rest of the afternoon.  Took a shower and then took another dose of the cytomel at 5:00 pm.

It is now 6:00 pm and my headache is easing off, aches are starting to lessen, however, still very dry (you could light a match to my hair and it would go up in one big flame) and extremely tired.  Bless my husband for finding the biggest bottle of scope he could find.  I am using it like mad.  Crazy metallic dry taste in my mouth and everything tastes weird.

I walked outside and the wind is hardly blowing and the temperature is pleasant.

Forecast for Monday: Sunny with a high of 74

I get to take my Synthroid first thing in the morning (permanent thyroid meds) and even though I know the doctors told me it would take several months for me to feel “normal”, tomorrow will be a sunny and better day for me as well.  It will take time and I will have to take it slow, but really looking forward to the weather tomorrow.

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