Bowl Of Oats

I decided on a yummy bowl of cinnamon banana oats for breakfast this morning.  I was good and stuck close to my new food rules.  I have to admit it was a little time-consuming but well worth it.  However, when I go back home, I think I’ll probably make a big batch on Sundays and then divide into containers and put in the refrigerator to save some time.  Spending 40 minutes in the mornings on my breakfast with the hustle already before school and work is not realistic.


Recipe Ingredients: Organic Steel Cut Oats, Vanilla, Water, Splash of Milk, Banana, and Sprinkle of Cinnamon.

I love how this can be a very versatile breakfast.  Change up the toppings (here they are banana and cinnamon) and there are tons of possibilities.  Would be great for my youngest (minus the milk).  He loves oatmeal and this would be such a healthier option than instant out of the box.

Update:  5 minutes after posting this, I received a text message from dear hubby informing me that our youngest is no longer a huge oatmeal fan (still likes it), but now is a grits man.  Oh, what more surprises will I find when I get home.  Ha!

3 thoughts on “Bowl Of Oats

  1. Carrie,

    I’m so happy to read that you are getting better. I know Lee and the kids must be happy that you are home.

    After reading this post about oatmeal, I had a question. What makes steel cut oatmeal better? I found out two months ago that I am diabetic, so I’m trying to change my eating habits. Between the meds and the diet, I see my sugar coming down. I’ve noticed regular Quaker oatmeal does a good job lowering my sugar in the morning. I know you’ve done tons of research on food, so just curious if steel cut oatmeal will help anymore.

    Keep fighting girl! I miss you guys.


  2. Hi Alex!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    From my understanding steel cut oats are the least processed. The oat groats are just cut into small pieces. I think (not a nutritionist here ha!), that old fashion rolled oats and steel cut oats have a lower glycemic impact then quick cook or instant oatmeal. Also, If I take a look at the different oatmeal on my shelves the steel cut oats have 1 gram of sugar where the quaker oatmeal (plain) has 12 grams of sugar. It does take some time getting use to the plain steel cut oats (I also get the organic). You have to get very creative so you don’t ADD sugar to the bowl. If you decide to play around with steel cut oats or old fashion rolled oats take a look at she has a whole page of just oatmeal recipes.

    Hope you all are doing well!!


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