Results and Home

The last month has been an extremely tiring and emotional journey, but I’m finally home with my family! 

I had my whole body scan this past Monday and happy (but cautiously) to announce that the nuclear doctor said that he saw no signs of spread of my thyroid cancer.  My lymph nodes and chest look clear.  There was uptake in the thyroid bed, but that is to be expected right out of surgery.   

So, where do we go from here? 

First, we get my body back to normal, or a new normal.  The climb to hypo was pretty quick before radiation, but they are saying it could take 6-8 weeks for me to become hyper (where I have to stay to hopefully keep any thyroid cells hanging out from growing).  I was very disappointed to find this out.  I, naively, assumed that once I started medication I would quickly feel better. 

I’m learning a lot about patience.  Something, I now realize, I didn’t have much of before.  I hurt all over, a lot.  I hurt because I am hypo and exhausted and then I can’t sleep because I hurt.  Nevermind, that my body has been put the ringer the past several months.  I know it will get better and this too is temporary. 

Over the next year (and for the rest of my life) my blood TG level (cancer marker) will be monitored closely.  If it starts to increase…we have a problem.  I’ll also have several appointments to adjust my medication.  I’ll have an ultrasound done in April 2012 and then another nuclear scan a year from now to see if the radiation worked.  Yup, takes that long to kill the cells and clear out of my system.  Kinda crazy. 

For now though, I’ll take it one day at a time and enjoy being home!!!  It’s so good to be home back to where bear hugs and kisses are plentiful.


1 thought on “Results and Home

  1. You have been through so much, and handled it with such Grace and Courage. You are a model for all of us. Love…love…love you.

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