Catching Up

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  Time has flown by the past several weeks.  So here are some highlights of what has been going on in our world lately.

Right before Thanksgiving, hubby’s truck decided to break.  The fuel pump went out.  He called me while he waited for a friend to come and give them a tow and was hoping Brown Pennington Atkins Funeral Home was too busy to notice he had to pull over right there while they were having a visitation.  He felt so bad about that, but they got him towed out of there pretty quickly.  The kids I do not think loved the ride home.  I think it scared them just a bit.

Fuel pump was ordered and arrived the day before Thanksgiving.  Hubby had a great helper while he put the pump into the truck.  Never to early to learn, right?

Unfortunately, just a couple of days later after installing the fuel pump, the NEW fuel pump is not working properly. So, hubby and the great helper will have to take out the new fuel pump and send it back. 

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and lots of food!  I forgot to take my camera inside, so I don’t have any pictures, but I did take a couple on the way home and I believe the pictures tell the story of what a great time we had.

I did manage to get a Christmas Tree put up with the help of my eldest.  I really wasn’t in the mood nor had the energy to go up in the attic and drag all our decorations and ornaments down.  So, I opted for a 6 foot, pre-lit, artificial tree with plastic ornaments from the store.  I didn’t even get the tree skirt down, just made do with a cream blanket.  I think it still looks nice and we had fun putting it up. 

Oliver, the elf, also arrived the day after Thanksgiving.  Our eldest enjoys it when he comes and loves to leave him notes and tons of food.  She says his favorite is 2 or 3 cocoa puffs.

If one vehicle breaking down wasn’t enough, my Landrover is also broke.  It decided to have hoses and valves leak and break.  So, my car is parked in the driveway until the parts get here.  We hope Friday.  Hubby’s mother was very nice and left her extra car at our house Monday so we would have something to drive while we work on the vehicles.  Thanks!

Good and bad news. Hubby found out while I was away for treatment that his company was closing end of December.  He kept this to himself for 4 weeks because he didn’t want to worry me.  I don’t know how he did everything he did while I was gone and keep me uplifted while he was holding on to such stressful news.  Good news is yesterday he got a new job!  How great is that!  He went to Clemson for agriculture, but never actually went into that field.  Life happened and years flew by, but it happens now that after 13 years he is finally in the field he set out to be in.  He seems really excited and I am so proud of him!!!!  Yesterday, I couldn’t get the song out of my head “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” hehe

That brings us up to today.  I have got to clean the kitchen.  I have fallen way behind on housework and the house looks like a bomb has hit it.  This week has been crazy busy with work and I have to finish up some prosecution this morning and afternoon.  The school Christmas musical is tonight and then I have a 9:30pm work meeting.  Hmm got to figure out a time to cook dinner too.  Going to be a packed day!

Have a great Thursday!

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