Sweet Potatoes and Spinach

This past weekend we went out to McLeod’s Farms originally to eat at Big’s, but they were closed for Thanksgiving, so we decided to go in the store and see what produce they had.  We left with 10 lbs of sweet potatoes (for only $6.00!), “near” local butter, and local honey. 

For lunch today, I decided on sweet potatoes and spinach.  Was suppose to be more of roasted sweet potatoes, but I overcooked the potatoes and ended up with more of a mash.  It is really good except next time I’ll cut the curry powder in half.  A little too spicy.

Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Curry Powder, Shallot, Balsamic Vinegar, and Pepper

Tonight for dinner, I am going to make a sweet potato casserole. No fear of overcooking the potatoes there! Well…back to work.

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