2011 Church Musical

Okay, so my camera is just not cut out for taking good pictures more than five feet away.  I have tried every setting known to man on it and I have surrendered. 

However, I was able to get a couple of T singing her solo during the Church musical “Three Wise Men and a Baby” where her face is recognizable.  She had just performed a Motown dance number hence all the “shine”.  Mrs. Allison did a great job with this production and the kids rocked!

T did really really good with her solo and so focused.


I tried really hard to get pictures and I am telling you T has camera radar. Every time (besides the solo she was focused) I put the camera up to snap away she was looking straight at it and would stop to smile. Had me in tears laughing.

Hubby’s mom, aunt, and uncle were able to come and cheer T on.

Christmas was awesome, can not wait to see what they have in store for us for the Spring!

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