When The Lights Go Out

The kids flipped out until daddy got home.  Daddy always makes things better.

We were in the middle of watching Monster Trucks when the power went off and it was pretty loud.   H started chanting “it’s broke, it’s broke” while our eldest helped me hold the flashlight as I hunted for candles.  I’m still seeing spots and half blind today.  It was cute though, with every candle I lit H would say “Hot, Hot, Hot”. 

Shortly after the power went out, daddy came home with food and made everyone plates.  He also turned on the gas logs (I’d love for the fireplace to be turned back into real wood burning, but who knows if our chimney is solid).  We should have broken out some board games or cards, but DS, cell phones, and Ipads run on batteries. Technology.

Power was still out when it came time to go to bed. The flipping out by our eldest resumed. She ended up sleeping with daddy. H went to bed fine and stayed down until about 3 am.  I think he got cold or when the power came on it woke him.  At this time, hubby did a sleeping shuffle and got in the “big bed”, that is also in H’s room, with him.  Where was I during all of this?  On the couch.  I needed to work if the power came back on.  I think I made it to 11, then I don’t remember a thing.  I thought I would hear H if he woke up, but I didn’t.  Hubby has good ears.  I’ve gotten spoiled by a baby monitor.

Can you find him? Never enough pillows.

I told hubby that we should turn the power off at least once a week.  Once our eldest learned she would “survive”, it was really nice and quiet.

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