My Ice Princess

Since the kids did such an awesome job in the church Christmas musical, Mrs. Allison treated them all to an ice skating party.  We all loaded up this morning at 11:20ish and rode in caravan to Columbia.  First stop, McDonald’s.

After seriously cheating on my food rules, we got back in the car and headed for the “Plex”. When we arrived, the kids were so excited and waited patiently in line for their wristband and ice skates.

I have never ice skated, therefore, putting ice skates on my 8-year-old was completely foreign to me. With another mom’s help, we finally got the skates on and stood up for the first time.

Into the rink we went. It was freezing. I mean, I know that’s the point, but I wasn’t prepared. Next time hat and gloves!

T was brave and didn’t even hesitate stepping out onto the slick ice.

First time around was a little slow going. She hung on tightly to the wall, but eventually made it around.

After about 30 minutes, she got the hang of it and let go. I, on the other hand, almost had several panic attacks.

As T went around and around, I was watching the clock. It was cold, but I knew she would be the last one off the ice…she was having a blast. Many knees bruises, blisters, and red cheeks later it was time to go, not without getting a hot chocolate first of course.

As we headed out to the car, T turned to me and said, “I’m an expert now, we will definitely have to come back.”  Priceless.

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