2011 Winter Show-offs

We had an amazing time tonight at T’s dance winter show-offs.  This is a night where all the competition teams get together and perform what they have learned so far for all their friends and family.  T especially enjoyed all the yummy refreshments and treats afterwards.  All the groups did great and I can not wait till competition and also spring recital!

T decorating 3 dozen cookies to take with us. She was tickled that only 4 were left in the container to come home.

sprinkles anyone?

While I was outside calling the insurance company to give a detailed account of the small accident that happened as we were leaving for the show-offs (I kinda ran into the babysitters car in my own driveway, yeah that really happened), T crashed with her bow still in her hair. She had such a good time! I didn’t have the heart to wake her, so tomorrow morning’s shower should be interesting (2 lbs of gel setting up in her hair over night eek)!

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