Update on TG

Got word from the doctor yesterday that my TG (cancer marker) results had come back.  We want this number to be close to or zero.  I am happy to announce that my TG, 6 1/2 weeks out from radiation, is 0.5!!  This is really good news, means the surgery and radiation is working.  Hopefully, in April that number will be even lower.  For reference sake, before radiation this number was 6.  I don’t know what this number was before they removed my cancer tumor. 

Where do we go from here?  I eat right, take my meds, exercise, and enjoy the 0.5 result until April.  I work on getting myself feeling better and stronger.  In April I’ll have an ultrasound of my lymph nodes and more blood work, to make sure everything is still looking clear.  Then another whole body scan next year.  Repeat and repeat – always and forever more, but right now this second we do a happy dance that things are looking good.  Husband is stuck with me for a while.

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