OCD or Genius?

After talking to my doctors yesterday, I got a pretty big lecture on how I have got to eat healthy — really healthy.  No soy, extremely little sugar, very little caffeine, very little refined carbs, no JUNK.  I know I made my food rules, what 2 months ago, but you make excuses on how you will start tomorrow or it can’t be that bad.  Well, I’ve been told one of my biggest defenses on lessening the symptoms of being induced hyperthyroidism is how I take care of myself.  Sleep, exercise, vitamins, food. That is if the medication is dosed and adjusted correctly.  Yeah, I need to lose weight, but I am not going to concentrate on that.  I am going to concentrate on feeling better and getting healthy and stronger.  If becoming slim is a side effect…I’ll take it!  I got 6 weeks and more blood work come to find out.  I got to do this!

I was talking to my cousin PJ (ha) yesterday about eating whole foods and a really clean healthy diet.  She is master of this and has it down to a science.  It’s time-consuming.  Lots of cooking. Not much processed or pre-packaged foods.  As you know, I’ve been tired and it’s been really hard to fix healthy meals for myself (yes another excuse).  Hubby also got a new job that keeps him gone from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.  So, between kids, full-time job, house work, bills, family meals it just hasn’t happened (yes excuse #2). 

Well, as PJ and I were talking yesterday she mentioned she puts everything she can into mason jars (to reduce plastic leakage).  Veggies, soups, yogurt, and etc. At first I thought, okay that’s a lot of work, but then I started to think about it – GENIUS!  One, it’s healthier than having food wrapped in all the plastic.  Two, keeps the fridge nice and tidy (how many of you find green bags of produce in the back of the fridge and was like hmm wonder how long that’s been there..I have).  Three, saves time on a daily basis chopping and cutting.   Four, saves money on Ziploc bags and Tupperware (we know the lids are like socks in a dryer).  Five, I can make bulk homemade “pre-packaged” food on the weekend to save even more time during the week.  It’s the same concept hubby did for me during my treatment and it really saved a lot of time.  I am sure I am going to come up with even more reasons this is genius.

So, I spent time organizing our two fridges.  I made the one in the kitchen stuff I can’t eat or drink.  I made the one in the laundry room stuff I can eat, plus a veggie landing spot for the entire family. 

top shelf has my goat cheese, mozzarella, eggs, organic real butter, and some dried cilantro. Okay, I lied the milk in the kitchen fridge I can have.

Next shelf is homemade soup for lunches during the week. To the left is a chicken corn chowder and to the right is tomato and spinach.

Next, we have homemade yogurt, granola, pumpkin seeds, salad dressing, and pecans.

Next, we have the veggie shelf. Currently we have lettuce, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, shallots…etc.

I look forward to learning more tips on how to eat a whole food based diet from my cousin PJ…again genius (and maybe a tad OCD)!

4 thoughts on “OCD or Genius?

  1. Keep up the healthy food. I have been going to a nutritionist and I am getting off of the refined sugars, no bananas, oranges, OJ, no processed meats, and cutting back carbs. My hardest meal is breakfast. I’m used to OJ, carbs-cereal or toast, and the occasional eggs. I am now down to coffee, pita bread with natural crunchy peanut butter to replace the carbs.

    We don’t do canned or processed food and haven’t in a long time. But I can only imagine with the children, being tired and wanting to fix something quick that option has been the one you gone to and will be hard to break.

    Continue on your path to wellness but take time out for you to meditate and focus on getting and staying healthy.. Merry Christmas to you, Lee and the children.

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