Christmas Eve 2011

After T decorated her big Christmas tree cookie, we came home and her and her dad made sausage balls and brownies for Santa as I went back out hunting watch batteries (nothing like waiting till last-minute).  After all the baking was done, T and I headed over to Church for the candlelight service.  It was awesome.  I love all the old Christmas hymns, Christmas sermon, and singing with our friends by candlelight.   T still makes a face every time we take communion.  “Really they could get something better to dip that bread in”. 

The Christmas tree was really pretty and HUGE!!

Once we got home, we loaded up and headed over to hubby’s mom’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and present opening.  We had a great time and there was so much food.

The kids crashed as soon as we got home, but hubby had to go out to do a couple of “errands”. It was a really late night and I don’t think Santa left our house until 2 am!

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