Two weeks of whole foods

It’s been two weeks since I posted about my new refrigerator organization and me “actually” starting to follow my new food rules.  Well, I wanted to provide an update on how it’s going.  Great!  I feel 75% better already.  My energy is up, sleeping better, and anxiety has lessened.  I still have my days where I have to push myself to do simple tasks, but there is marked improvement. 

I’ve been good, even took my own food to Christmas dinners.  Now, that was hard!  Another positive, I’ve lost 7 lbs yay!  Even though it’s time-consuming and hard at times, I’m going to keep at going.  If eating clean whole foods combats the horrible symptoms of being thryoidless and doing TSH suppression therapy without having to take lots of other medication to mask the symptoms, it’s totally worth it. 

Another Christmas present (besides my awesome camera) was the adaptor for our foodsaver that seals canning jars.  We have put it near the fridge, so I can seal the jars after using them.  Love it!  Going to save even more perishables from going bad too quick.

Proof to those that thought I couldn’t keep the fridge neat for more than a day!

Yesterday, I tackled making artichoke soup. Ya’ll ever cleaned and cut up an artichoke before? It was an interesting experience, but the soup turned out very yummy!

Have a good day!

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