Green and Yummy!

Okay, so a friend told me about green smoothies.  When I heard the combination I was kinda skeptical on how it would taste.  I kinda rearranged/added some of the ingredients because I didn’t have everything on hand and it turned out great!  Picture below is of the ingredients.  Doesn’t it look like a beautiful rainbow?   I did not take a picture of the smoothie itself because, well, blueberries, spinach or kale, bananas, strawberries mixed together is the color of mud!

ingredients: (kale, spinach, or collard), strawberries, blueberries, banana, homemade yogurt, and little bit of local honey

I saw another cleansing juice on The Chew yesterday, that I am going to try.  It consists of celery, kale, spinach, lime, ginger, etc.   It was shamrock green!  I’ll let ya’ll know how that one goes.  I’m loving these quick raw nutrient packed smoothies for breakfast or lunch!

2 thoughts on “Green and Yummy!

  1. Blah, I feel like a big slobbly blob. Can I come to your house for a smoothie and a lesson?

    Okay, so you have me sold. I’m sitting here in my den, been in a food, slob funk all day. (I’m blaming the rain-I’ve been sitting and eating. Junk. All. Day. While I sit.) I’m now motivated to eat much healthier seeing your blog. I LOVE smoothies, and while I LOVE all things fruit, I’m not a big fan of big leafy greens like kale or collards-so this I gotta try.

  2. Sure! Anytime come on over. I am not a blueberry, kale, or collard fan, so what I love about this is I can put them all together and you don’t even taste the green stuff..more banana and berry. I’ve really noticed a difference in my energy and overall mood eating only whole foods. I guess since our bodies have been put the ringer recently…sugar and processed foods just feeds the blah.

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