Lunch with the grands

On Saturday we met up with my parents to do some furniture “give back” and eat lunch.  Yes, I said give back.  My new goal for 2012 is to simplify and finish all the projects I have started in my house.  The rainbow-colored kitchen cabinets (for 3 years I haven’t been able to decide on the color) will be finished this year, for example. 

Anyway, lunch was fun. H ate several pieces of garlic bread, dipped in marinara which he called ketchup the whole time.  I wish I had taken a picture of him actually eating the marinara out of the ramekin with a spoon. At least he was eating a fruit, right?  My dad ordered calamari and I was surprised that T tried it and actually liked it! 

We all had chuckle at the waiter. I confused him. I ordered the Caprese Flatbread without the flatbread. He kept saying “So you don’t want chicken?”. The dish didn’t even have chicken. I shouldn’t make fun, but it was funny.

H here was telling us it was time to go. He was tired and I think he wanted to crash on the ride home. Italian food will do that too you. Hubby had to pull over to let me drive, he was stuffed and about to pass out.  I was good after eating my Caprese Flatbread without flatbread.

Once we got home, T headed inside to watch TV and I sat in the truck and read with H while he kept snoozing.  Hubby headed off to cut wood for a couple of hours.  One of our fireplaces is functional for real wood, the other one he needs to take out the gas logs.  The one below is small, so we can’t have a huge fire, but either way I love it. Next weekend, I think I’ll introduce T to smores!

Don’t you love the smell and crackle of a real fire? I do and so happy that after 6 years we are finally using the fireplaces. H loves the fire too. “More, More, More” he will say, if the fire starts to go out.  It was a good day.

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