World’s Tiniest Cookie

T has had a stomach bug since last Friday, so she has been home.  I think she is feeling better though based on the increase of playing.  She spent hours working on “baking” cookies in her Easy Bake Oven.  Even sported a zebra print apron.

By the way, those things (the oven) are dangerous in my opinion.  Stunk of plastic and then the cookies got stuck inside, so I had to shake them out and it was HOT.  If I had not been there to supervise, I can only imagine that T would have tried to stick her hand inside to get the cookies out and burnt herself. 

Of course, she topped it with some sprinkle icing! I think it’s time to let her start helping more in the real kitchen.  She had so much fun and had a sense of accomplishment.  I need to start researching some healthy cupcake and cookie recipes.

World’s Tiniest Cookie – this cookie is literally the size of a dime.

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