Update: All is Good

Woke up yesterday to an 8-year-old with a stomach bug. Thank goodness for grandmas!  I cleaned the house (disinfected rather) all morning till it was time for me to get in the truck and head down to MUSC for my appt.  I was surprisingly calm.  Ready for whatever the doc would tell me.  Probably was a lysol high 😛

The appointment was good, really good.  She went over my lab work, looked at my nuclear scans from November, and did an ultrasound.  Cancer marker undetectable and neck looks clean for any residual thyroid cancer. Yay! 

She did spend about 30 minutes looking at my “thing”, but was unable to find a mass on the ultrasound.  She did say that I had a level II node in that area which was normal, could be an old reactive node from when I was sick a long time ago.  She said the node itself was not hard and it did move.  Good news.  She believes that what we are feeling is a muscle knot or scar in the muscle and the node is sitting on top of it which makes it feel very big and hard (to us nonprofessionals).  But the ultrasound showed nada.  She did not recommend doing a CT Scan at this time and will just watch the area, but she isn’t concerned at all.

So, I’ll have more blood work in 3 weeks, endo appt on May 1st, ultrasound in 6 months, and another WBS (whole body scan) around November.

I’m back home, kicked out and isolated to the Florida room because I now have the stomach bug.  T is doing better, so that’s good that this is short-lived.  All is good~

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