Hit the Road Inflammation

During my last visit down at MUSC, they told me I was an extremely inflammatory person.  A.k.a chronic inflammation.  I really did not know what this meant at the time or how to fix the problem.  All they told me was to change my diet, but did not tell me how.  After several weeks of reading and studying, I have come to my own conclusion chronic inflammation = not a good thing.  We need a peaceful balance of inflammation to stay healthy, but we do not need our body to constantly be in “attack” mode.  If our body is always working to fight inflammation, it is not as efficient and good at fighting off the invaders that can do harm!  For example, allergies, viruses, bacteria infections, broken bones, wounds, or even cancer.  So what are my symptoms of inflammation?  Here is my short list and I never knew they were all pretty much tied to my body being in an inflammatory state.

1. Psoriasis and dermographic skin
2. Joint pain including plantar fasciitis
3. Interstitial cystitis of the bladder
4. Starting of a bunion
5. Girly problem
6. Keloid of scars

How to fix the problem? Combination of things: diet, exercise, stress reduction, and how we think.  There are many books, studies, and articles about reducing inflammation.  I have just started reading many of them and will continue.  But the theme that seems to run through them, as I understand, is not to eat processed foods, sugar, casein, non grass-fed and processed meats, preservatives and other junk, most vegetable oils, trans fatty acids, refined grains, high glycemic value foods, and gluten.  Whew!  Pretty much do not eat the Standard American Diet.  With that being said, it’s overwhelming.  Seems simple enough in writing, but it’s hard.  So, I am taking one thing at a time to study and then eliminate.

First step, eliminated meat and dairy.  This one was not hard for me.  I’ve never been a huge meat or dairy eater.

Second step, sugar elimination.  Ugh, I am trying, but this one is so hard!!  I posted about my no refined sugar challenge about 3 weeks ago.  I am struggling, I have to admit.  I never realized that sugar was like cocaine in the terms of addiction.

Once I conquer sugar, I will move on to gluten.

Here is a list of the books I have read, if anyone is interested in reading and studying themselves.


The China Study
Made to Crave
In Defense of Food
Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual
Crazy Sexy Diet
Eat to Live
Anticancer, A New Way of Life (currently reading)

Any suggestions for reading is welcome too!  I’ll update my list as I add new books.

Have a good day!

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