Blood Testing Time

Well, I go to the endo next Tuesday for my 6 month follow-up since RAI.  6 months on May 4th!  That is crazy, seems like just yesterday I was swallowing the dose of radiation.  Cool thing is the RAI should be almost completely gone by now.  I was told it keeps working in your body for at least 6 months. Also, means that it’s just around the corner for me to have another full body scan in November.  Praying my endo says Tuesday the shortage of Thyrogen is nonexistent and I don’t have to go through hypo hell again.  As of March, it didn’t look good and there was no signs of it being available for me in November.  Going to try to not worry about it, is what it is.  Will do what I have to.

I’ve been putting off my blood draw.  I know I know, bad girl.  I just don’t wanna think about it. Well, I got to go up to the lab this morning and get it done or the results will not be back in time for my appt next Tuesday.

Unspoken prayer request that my numbers look good!  Have a great day ya’ll!

1 thought on “Blood Testing Time

  1. November is 6 months out-hope there is some thyrogen for you by then! I got my blood draw just a few hours ago as well-we really are on the same schedule, aren’t we? My thoughts about the blood draw are that they will surely see where they need to make adjustments so I feel as good as I want to feel. It helps. I should know soon!

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