It Started With a Note

Last Friday, a boy gave T a note on the school bus.  You know, the I love you…do you love me?  T was tickled and said she had a boyfriend.  She would get off the bus blushing and giggling.  Then on Monday, the boy kissed his hand and placed it on her cheek.  She told him she wasn’t comfortable with that and not to do it again.  Tuesday, she broke up with him.

I have always told T that her body is her body and no one is to touch her if she doesn’t want them to and she can say no to anything.  I’ve also told her, if someone touches her and she says no and they don’t stop, you do what you have to do and quickly get away from the situation and get help.  If you have to you fight back and protect yourself, you fight.

Well, this boy, yesterday, touched her where she did not want to be touched.  She politely told him to stop and he kept doing it.  She moved seats and he followed.  So she grabbed his arm, looked him square in the eyes and told him No.  He backed off and she told the bus driver on the way off the bus.

I was so proud of my strong T.  When you don’t think your kids are listening, maybe they are.

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