My blog has been quiet for the past 2 1/2 weeks.  I plan on getting back to posting more about our doings and pictures.  I have lots on my camera and I need to upload, but for the past couple weeks finding the time to just sit has been a tad difficult.  So, I’ll give ya’ll some HTC droid pictures tonight.

It’s officially summer! T worked really hard in 3rd grade and was on the A honor roll.  Her dad treated her to fried shrimp last night and a mountain dew.  Little things in life.  She is excited to start day summer camp on Tuesday.  Basketball, swimming, dodge ball, crafts, movies, skating, loads of games, and the playground every single day.  She might be tuckered out by the time she gets home every night.  She is also going back to away camp July 4th week and I think has already started packing.  Girl after my own heart.

H is a mess.  Pure mess.  He is in full tilt right now and learning something new every day.  Just today he tickled me.  Every Saturday I go to the grocery store.  When I get home, H helps me unload all the bags and examines all the contents.  Well today, instead of just taking each item out of the bag and putting it on the table, he categorized them: Dad’s, Mom’s, T’s and H’s.  He got every single thing right down to the carrot juice for mom and the sunscreen for dad.  That little man pays attention and I so need to be careful to what I do and what I say.  He is also into “hot chips” at the moment.  Hot chips = chili Fritos.  ha!

We went to up to the farm yesterday and he couldn’t wait till we got home to dig into the bananas.  It was cute at first until he proceeded to mash his banana into his hair, clothing, arms, and legs.  He knew I was driving and couldn’t do anything.  Thirty minute bath followed.

Hubby is still planting away. We hardly ever see him during the week and as of late on the weekend. They have to get everything in the ground by 05/31 and it’s a race to the finish. Didn’t help that a big lot of seed was bad and they had to replant several fields. The farm has close to 40,000 acres. That’s a lot of corn, wheat, peanuts, and cotton. I did get to ride on the tractor and it was pretty cool. It’s like a space ship. I have never seen something so sophisticated. Seriously.

Veggie garden is busting at the seams!  I am so proud of myself this year.  Only took 3 years to finally get it right.  We have cucumbers, squash, and zucchini coming out our ears.  Love it.  I have lost count on the tomatoes…they are still green, but I have a feeling i am going to have to learn to can!  Picture below is just from today’s harvest of zucs and squash.

So my new eating rules are starting to grow on me.  It took a couple of weeks, but now I am actually enjoying the food.  When we went out for dinner last night, Hubby bought me a sweet tea and I couldn’t drink it.  I actually had to go get unsweetened tea.  Crazy!

Southern Gal losing her taste for sweet tea.  What’s this world coming too!


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