1 Year Later

This time last year (August 12, 2011), I got a telephone call from the doctor who removed half of my thyroid and tumors.  I was alone with the kids and hubby was at work.  He told me I had papillary follicular cancer.  It feels like yesterday, me with the phone clutched in my hand pacing the driveway while he told me how sorry he was. The world stopped for a moment as I fought the tears and watched the kids looking at me through the sliding glass door.  All I wanted to do was fall to my knees and cry like a baby.  All I could think about was those kids looking at me and how I had to do whatever it took to be strong for them.

Things moved very quickly from that point on.

After more surgery, hypo hell, radiation, isolation, ultrasounds, and nuclear scans initial treatment was over by Thanksgiving.  Hubby was absolutely wonderful through it all.  He didn’t complain once and rocked being mama and daddy for awhile.  Even in the midst of knowing he had lost his job, he didn’t waver from being the rock.

Around Christmas, I learned that I too was going to be going from full-time to part-time March 2012.  I was still feeling like crap and adjusting to the new normal.  I really didn’t want to deal with the stress of finding a job or worrying about money and health insurance.  But you can’t stop and you take one day at a time.

The first part of 2012 was lots of blood work, ultrasound, job hunting, and me trying to figure out what works.  I played around with my diet, exercise, and read tons of books regarding how what we eat is connected to our health.  I figured out that going back to earth was the best solution for me.  I’ve also taken a closer look at what matters to me and how I approach life and the people I surround myself with.  I have grown deeper in my roots with my faith, love, and what kind of person I want to be.

This year has been pretty stressful, but there has been some awesome positives.  The kids are healthy and happy.  Hubby loves his new job as a farmer.  H is talking a mile a minute and T is growing up so fast in front of my eyes.  The summer has been filled with church camp, YMCA, swimming, parties, tractors, laughter, and silly faces.  I’ve also reconnected with some old friends and made many new ones.

My journey with cancer isn’t over.  There are challenges coming around the corner, but even though I am nervous I have faith that everything is going to be okay.

Tonight, unlike a year ago, there will be no tears. There will be a 3-year-old clinging to my leg as I walk saying “I missed you” and hugging me every chance he gets.  There will be a 9-year-old playing at the beach, eating shrimp, and laughing.  There will be a hubby eating popcorn, drinking ginger ale, and watching a movie.  And then there will be me, smiling thankful for everything I have.

Love and Smiles,


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