The Unknown

I went for my ultrasound on Friday and the results were not as I had hoped.  I was pumped to walk in and the doctor say, “everything is the same as 6 months ago, yay!”.  Didn’t happen.  There is change and I pray it is all benign and nothing to worry about, but we have to find out.

Six months ago when I had my first ultrasound after treatment, there were a few enlarged lymph nodes.  I think I talked about them before.  The doctor had hoped and still hopes they are just reactive nodes from when I was sick at some point or from radiation.  Well, some of the nodes from six months ago have changed and grew just a bit and there are several new nodes that are enlarged.  Level 1 and Level 2, this tells the location of the nodes.

As I was laying on the table getting my ultrasound done, the doctor said, “that’s not suppose to be there, see that spot?”.  She called it “something”.  She said it wasn’t there six months ago and we have to find out what it is.  I tried to get out of her if she was concerned or worried, but she was very noncommittal.  I don’t blame her, she can’t tell me what something is when she doesn’t know herself.

The game plan is to go on the LID diet last week of October, take thyrogen shots Nov 12th and Nov 13th (we hope), take a tracer dose of RAI on Nov 14th, and then have a whole body scan on Nov 16th.  During that week they are also going to do what’s called a stimulated TG test.  This will give them an idea (besides just a picture) if there are any cancer cells producing TG.  Once the scan results and TG results come back, we go from there.  If I have places “light up” and/or TG is detectable, we biopsy.

The journey continues.

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