Change of Plans

The universe does not want me to do anything the quicker way (I guess that’s just not how I roll).  No Thyrogen shots again (there is another shortage)!  So, I get to go through hypo hell yet again.  Can you hear in my voice how thrilled I am.  Here is a song that a thyroid cancer survivor wrote about hypo hell.  Explains the symptoms in a comical but yet accurate way, much better then I could.

Anyway, it is what it is and I have to do it.  I will come off meds October 15th, descend into hypo hell and get my first blood draw on November 5th.  Just like last year the goal is to get the TSH to above 30.  Why?  When your body is hypo any cancer cells “wake up”, gobble up the radioactive iodine presented during the scan, and then light up like a Christmas tree.  They also start producing thyroglobulin which can be detected in the blood.  The doctors do check for the antibody while on medication, but it’s not very accurate because they keep you in a very suppressed state.

I will keep having blood draws weekly until I get to the magic number.  Once I hit it, it’s scan time.

I wasn’t going to cook for the LID diet again this year, but plans change.  I am going to go to the store this weekend and start preparing and freezing food.  When you come off meds you get so tired you don’t want to cook, but this diet is so strict everything is from scratch.

I just hope I don’t call sheep cows this time.  That was pretty funny.

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