Here we Go!

We went to the doctor today for a recheck of T’s walking pneumonia (all clear and all gone!).  While we were there, T mentioned that we did a 5k and that she wants to do lots more.  The doctor looked at T and said “your pace is whatever your mom does, you need to stay with her.”.  We get in the car and T says, “Great that means we are going to end up walking most of each time.” and proceeded to stick out her bottom lip.  Yeah, I am not going to let my 9 year-old think she can’t do more because I am a turtle and out of shape (which I am.).

I’ve been doing good with the exercise, but not enough to get me to run a 5k.  So, today I downloaded the Couch-to-5k training program for my phone. This is a 9 week program that claims if you follow their program that you can at least jog a 5k.  Workout number 1 starts today.  If y’all hear an ambulance in the area it’s probably coming to get me.  9 weeks from now maybe T will be saying “ah man, I have to keep up with her!”.  *wink*